Are you interested in conducting research in Germany or pursuing a research career in Germany? Here you will find lots of information about where you can conduct research and work in Germany, as well as the various opportunities science and research can offer in Germany. Support ranges from funding for conferences to language programs in Germany. Click on the links below to see what opportunities may be relevant for you.

DAAD/Volker Lannert


Research Grants are offered for stays in Germany of between 1 and 12 months. If you would like to pursue research in the field of German Studies, you may want to consider looking into our German Studies Research Grant.


Research Grants DAAD & Partners

DAAD has partnered with other research institutes in order to offer you a breadth of research opportunities in various fields. Take a look at the offers below to find just the right fit for you.



You can gain practical research or work experience by doing an internship in Germany. From research in academia to internships at German companies - the choice is yours.


Learn German

Learning German can open doors for your academic studies and career. DAAD's University Summer Course Grant supports German language learners at any stage of their academic career participate in a 3-4 week summer course offered by a German university.