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Germany universities offer graduate level studies in programs across the disciplinary spectrum. Whether your interests are in pursuing studies with a focus on research, professional education or acquiring specific skills that can be applied in a work environment, you will find programs corresponding to your needs and interests at Germany’s universities.

Thanks to the large number of English-language degree programs on offer, a knowledge of German is not necessarily a prerequisite for university studies in Germany. At the Masters’ level, there are more than 900 degree programs currently taught in English at German universities. These programs typically run two years in length and they include offerings in virtually every field of study.

Students who graduate with a Bachelor or Master’s degree from a Canadian university are generally able to pursue graduate level studies at German universities in related fields.

As in Canada, admissions standards and procedures are set by each individual university. As a result, the best source of information on how to apply to a specific program of interest in the Degree Program Office or the International Office of your German university.

Unlike in Canada, Masters students in Germany do not receive a funding package or graduate assistantship position from their university to help defray the costs associated with their studies. However, since the vast majority of degree programs on offer at German universities are tuition free, higher education in Germany is an affordable option for many international students.

DAAD North America offers a variety of scholarship programs that support exceptional graduates of North American universities who choose to pursue graduate level studies in Germany. For more information on the DAAD’s suite of scholarship programs, please click here.

International students in Germany on a student visa are able to work part-time during their studies. For more information on the regulations covering such employment, visit the “Study in Germany” website by clicking here.

Degrees issued by German universities enjoy a high degree of recognition around the world. If you are planning to work outside of Germany in a field that is regulated by a professional association (e.g. engineering, medicine, etc.), it is wise to check with the relevant body about having your degree recognized in that country before you begin your studies in Germany.

If upon graduation you decide that you would like to pursue employment opportunities in Germany, this is entirely possible. Most international students graduating from a German university qualify for an 18-month work permit which enables them to take any kind of employment to support themselves in order to fund the search for a job in their specific field.

For more details on opportunities in Germany which are open to international graduates of German universities visit the “Make It In Germany” web portal by clicking here.

Finding the right degree program

Details on all available degree programs currently on offer at German universities can be found at a variety of sources. These include program databases found on the DAAD Germany website, the “Study in Germany” web portal as well as the “Higher Education Compass” website.

For information on degree programs taught in English, visit the DAAD database for international degree programs by clicking here.

Please note that availability of English-taught programs may depend on the subject area. Also, keep in mind that even though you may choose to attend a program in English, you may still have to fulfill certain German language requirements. Make sure to contact the international office of the university you are planning on applying to for details.

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