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Responding to the long history of close cooperation and friendship between Germany and North America, the DAAD has sponsored seven Centres for German and European Studies in the USA and Canada. These Centres emphasize collaboration in the humanities and social sciences in order to promote the academic study of Germany in a European context by way of an interdisciplinary approach. At the same time they develop further the network of political, economic, and cultural ties between Europe and North America.

Each Centre has its particular emphases and special projects. All of them, however, provide:

  • Support for young academics
  • Interdisciplinary teaching
  • Comparative research projects
  • A forum for the discussion of contemporary German and European issues
  • Encouragement to use the German language

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Joint Initiative in German and European Studies, University of Toronto

Established by a grant from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service) and funds from the University of Toronto, the Joint Initiative is a program of cross disciplinary support for research and scholarship at the University of Toronto in the area of German and European studies. The program supports activities such as the following:

  • Dissertation fellowships and research and travel grants, primarily for graduate students in social sciences and humanities
  • Exchanges of faculty and graduate students between the University of Toronto and German universities
  • A limited number of summer research projects for senior undergraduate students in the area of German and European Studies
  • Workshops, seminars, and conferences
  • A modest program of “seed money” for faculty research

Prof. Randall Hansen, Research Director
Joint Initiative in German and European Studies
University of Toronto
Munk School of Global Affairs
Room 323N
1 Devonshire Place
Toronto, ON
Canada M5S 3K7
Tel: (416) 946-8962
Fax: (416) 946-8963
E-mail: r.hansen(at)
E.mail: e.klein(at)

The Canadian Centre for German and European Studies, York University and Université de Montréal

Founded in 1997 as a joint initiative of York University and the Université de Montréal, CCGES and CCEAE now operate independently in English, French and German, from offices in Toronto and Montréal. Through their teaching programs, research initiatives and outreach activities, the Centres foster an educated social awareness among Canadians about Germany and Europe that contributes to international understanding and a celebration of Canada’s own multicultural spirit.

Prof. Christina Kraenzle, Director
Canadian Centre for German and European Studies
York University
7th Floor, York Research Tower
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON
Canada M3J 1P3
Tel: (416) 736-5695
Fax: (416) 736-5696
E-mail: ccges(at)

Prof. Barbara Thériault, Directeur
Le Centre Canadien d’Études Allemandes et Européennes
Université de Montréal
3744, rue Jean-Brillant, suite 525
Montréal, Québec
Canada H3T 1P1
Tél.: (514) 343-6763
Fax: (514) 343-7187
E-mail: barbara.theriault(at)
E-mail: cceae(at)

Professorship at the Institute for European Studies, University of British Columbia

Established in May 1998, the Institute for European Studies (IES) is part of UBC’s ongoing mission to advance international knowledge and research about Europe. Emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach, the Institute promotes an exchange of ideas, students and scholars between Canada and Europe, and provides a forum for public debate on European issues through research seminars, workshops, lecture series and international conferences. With the generous support of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) the Institute investigates Germany’s place in European affairs. In addition, the Institute gratefully acknowledges the support of the Delegation of the European Commission to advance the study of European integration in Western Canada.

Prof. Kurt Hübner, Director
Institute of European Studies
University of British Columbia – Vancouver
Room 323-1855 West Mall
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6T 1Z2
Tel: (604) 822-8439
Fax: (604) 822-3433