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DAAD USA and the programs on serve the academic communities of North America only. In most cases, international students and scholars at North American universities are eligible for our programs if they meet all of the following conditions:

For study scholarships and research grants, foreign nationals who currently live in the USA or in Canada, it is required:

  • Applicants for Long-Term Grants (over 6 months): you have gained your last degree in the US/Canada or will be gaining it before taking up your scholarship.
  • Applicants for Short-Term Grants (6 months and less): you have been living in the US/Canada for a minimum of one year and your current residence is in the US/Canada.
  • Have full-time affiliation with a US or Canadian university, e.g. enrollment in a degree program, post-doc research position, employed as faculty or administrator.
  • Are seeking to go to Germany for academic purposes.

There are a few scholarships restricted to citizens only, so be sure to read the eligibility requirements carefully. International students in North America on a temporary basis should contact the DAAD office for the country of their home university (the one from which you will receive a degree) or the country of their citizenship. Click here for DAAD contact information worldwide.

Students and Scholars of Other Countries

If you wish to study etc in Germany and have no connection to North America, there are other DAAD offices to assist you: DAAD Worldwide.
Please Note: We do NOT provide scholarships for study in the United States or Canada.

Canadian and US Citizens in Other Countries

Regional divisions for DAAD programs are usually based on the country in which a potential applicant is enrolled at university. However, if the DAAD office serving the country in which you are studying is unable to accommodate your interest in a DAAD program, please email us to inquire about your eligibility.

German Citizens

If you are a German citizen and were educated in Germany, in order to qualify for DAAD USA funding, you must have lived in Canada or the US for at least six consecutive years during your current stay and prove that your “Lebensmittelpunkt” is in North America (e.g. permanent residency status), including assurance that you will return to North America at the conclusion of your grant period.

If you are a dual national (Canada/US + Germany), did all or most of your education in the United States or Canada, and graduated with a US/Canadian high school diploma, you are eligible for DAAD USA programs.

If you are a citizen of Germany and would like to find out more about studying in the US or Canada, including DAAD scholarships available to you, please visit the website of DAAD Bonn.